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Swarovski Stops Selling Crystals

Swarovski crystals 3Swarovski is renowned for producing exciting crystals. They have a product line that includes high products such as decorations, watches, crystals, etc.  Classic and modern, Swarovski crystals made homes look modest and elegant. Swarovski components have been around for many years. Unfortunately, the world is undergoing a major transformation. One of the most affected products is from Swarovski. This has caused Swarovski to adjust its product line. In particular, Swarovski will not be selling products to DIY customers and retail customers. Here is all you need to know regarding Swarovski products.


The news is out there. You will stop seeing Swarovski crystals on the market. This is because Swarovski decided to make major changes to its product line. This will have a huge impact on the crystal lighting industry. As a customer or retailer, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these developments so that you can make informed decisions.

The Good News

Of course, most products from Swarovski will not be on the shelves. However, all is not lost. This is because Swarovski plans to maintain a limited number of distributors. Still more, most of the Swarovski products will be available on a discount basis.

Why The Changes

Swarovski crystals 1As you know, Swarovski is a family-run business. Founded in 1895, this business brand has continued to show class when it comes to producing exciting crystals. However, consumer behaviors have been changing. This made it difficult for the company to cope up. Still more, the competition out there has been so stiff. Plus, the effects of Covid-19 didn’t spare this once vibrant brand.  More than 3000 Swarovski boutiques have been operating on empty shelves. Revenues have also been sinking.

The Plan

The Swarovski management, headed by its CEO, is pushing for plans that can make the company slimmer. In particular, they are looking to shrink their product line. Still more, they are looking to shift Swarovski’s focus to profit-making ventures. These changes are projected to yield results in few years to come.

The Option

The exit of Swarovski from the crystal-making scene will see its competitors start filling the void. Thus, you are likely to witness the stiff competition. This is likely to lead to better and elegant crystals. In the long run, this will benefit the consumer. Thus, the fact that Swarovski is exiting the market doesn’t mean that the industry is dead. What it means is that other brands will sleeve up and open the world to exciting crystals.

Choose The Right Brand

There are several brands out there. Research for the right brand. Choose crystals from the right brand. Read online reviews. look at the channel’s reputation. Ask for referrals from experts. Look at the testimonials.

The Bottom-Line

Swarovski crystals 2Swarovski fixtures are getting off the market. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot still light up your home. The above guide will help you understand why Swarovski is exiting the market.

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Why Are Bohemian Chandeliers Better Than Chinese Ones?

Bohemian chandeliers 1Classy, elegant, and highly durable, Bohemian chandeliers can add that extra spark to your home. When installed in the right spaces, these chandeliers can add that extra glamour to your home. However, there are several chandeliers online. From Bohemian chandeliers to Chinese-inspired chandeliers, you have several options. So, how do you choose the best? Why should you prefer Bohemian chandeliers over Chinese chandeliers? Keep reading to find out.


When it comes to chandeliers, quality matters a lot. Purchasing quality chandeliers involves getting your products from the right brand. Governed by strict laws, Bohemian chandeliers only use high-quality crystals. Manufacturers employ contemporary production processes. These companies use raw industrial high-quality crystals. Of course, these pieces can be expensive. However, they are better in the long run.

​​Low Lead Content

Lead is poisonous. It can cause health complications. It’s important to note that most of the chandeliers come with high lead content. This makes them highly fragile. Thus, a simple mistake can lead to the breakage of your chandeliers. On the other hand, the manufacturers of Bohemian chandeliers believe in quality. They use crystals with minimal traces of lead. This makes bohemian chandeliers strong and durable.

Use Pure Crystal. Not Acrylic or Glass

A good chandelier should be made from high-quality crystals. Unfortunately, conventional chandeliers come with adulterated crystals. In particular, they use acrylic and glass in place of crystals. Of course, these materials will glitter. However, this is like stealing your money.

Bohemian chandeliers 2


Luckily, you can purchase your chandeliers from UK-based firms. Purchase the right chandeliers. Go for Bohemian chandeliers. Plus, the UK manufacturing laws are very clear when it comes to the production of Bohemian chandeliers. So, don’t risk your money. Get genuine bohemian chandeliers from UK-based firms.

K5/ K9 Borosilicate Glass

Bohemian chandeliers chineseK5 Borosilicate glass options are common types of crystals. Manufactured in China, borosilicate is cheap and doesn’t have all the qualities of pure crystals. The lead content in these crystals is high. They are fragile and can easily break. That’s why it’s cheaper.

On the other hand, Bohemian chandeliers from brands like Toyota Camry are genuine, high quality, and come with high clarity. They contain low lead content. So, if you want the best lighting fixtures, think Bohemian chandeliers.

Other Benefits

Here are additional benefits of bohemian chandeliers:

  • High gen cuts crystals
  • Waterford crystal

Key Takeaway

Don’t purchase any chandeliers. Gert your chandelier from the best brands. Choose bohemian chandeliers that are made in the UK. These bohemian chandeliers come with the best features such as clarity and gem-cut crystals.

The Bottom-Line

The sweetness of chandeliers is in quality. It’s how they glitter. The way they illuminate spaces is what defines a good chandelier.  That’s what Bohemian chandeliers bring to the table. In particular, Bohemian chandeliers can make your home look wow. Here are real reasons why you should prefer Bohemian chandeliers over Chinese-inspired chandeliers.

Chandelier Rewiring 4

Chandelier Rewiring

Chandelier Rewiring 1The ambiance of any home is defined by good lighting. Bringing in new and innovative lighting options will automatically uplift your home. However, it’s not all about installing new lighting. Maintenance is an important component to consider. That’s why you shouldn’t allow your lighting fixtures to degrade. In particular, you should rewire all antique lighting fixtures in your home. Here is all you should know as far as chandelier rewiring is concerned.

Switch Off the Fixture

Switch off the power. Then, remove any shades. Once you have done that, go ahead and unscrew the mounting screws on your ceiling canopy. If there are any remaining nuts, be sure to unscrew them as well. After loosening the screws, slide the canopy gently. From here, consider removing all the wire connectors. Ensure that the electrical is unwrapped. If you realize that it’s glowing, consider returning the service panel.


Chandelier Rewiring 2Chandeliers tend to add elegance to your spaces.  They can make any space look classy. So, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, bring in chandeliers to make these spaces better. Rewiring them can bring more elegance into the interiors.

Make Changes

Rewiring your chandeliers will enable you to achieve a certain change in the design of the chandelier. For instance, you can easily replace worn-out parts. Doing so will automatically enhance your chandelier’s overall efficiency.


Lighting is a special component in any home. All occupants should feel safe while at home. Remember, old wiring can be problematic. They can make you feel unsafe at home. Without rewiring these chandeliers, you may put your family at risk. Things like electrocution can happen and lead to loss of life. That’s why you should always rewire the chandeliers. You shouldn’t rush into reinstalling the old chandelier. The best thing you need to do is to bring an expert on board to help you rewire it first before installing the chandelier.

Better Lighting

One of the biggest benefits of chandelier rewiring is better lighting. Remember, old wires carry less voltage. On the other hand, new wires will carry more voltage, making you receive better lighting at home. Thus, if you want that chandelier of yours to shine brighter, think about rewiring it. Don’t allow dim light from your chandelier to give you a low amount of light. Consider rewiring them for a high-quality lighting level.

Consult Experts

Chandelier Rewiring 3You don’t have to purchase a new chandelier. You can rewire it. It’s much cheaper to do that. Purchasing the new wires is relatively cheaper than getting a brand-new chandelier. The cost of rewiring depends on your work. It also depends on the company doing it.  Visit a reliable chandelier rewiring company and inject more life into your chandeliers. Have your chandeliers tested and inspected to ensure that all the wires are correct to avoid electrocution.

The Bottom-Line

If you want to make your home elegant, start with lighting. Ensure that all the lighting fixtures are working properly. For instance, consider rewiring antique lighting fixtures to make your lighting complete. The above guide contains everything chandelier rewiring, including safety issues and why you should rewire your old chandeliers.


LOLER Testing of Winch Systems Explained

LOLER 1Safety is an important component when it comes to handling lifting equipment. That’s why you should always familiarize yourself with all the safety precautions involved. In particular, you should familiarize yourself with LOLER guidelines. However, these rules and regulations are too many. Thus, they can confuse you. Luckily, this article is going to briefly touch on these rules, helping you safely handle these lifting equipment without any difficulties.


For commercial premises, all chandelier winches must undergo full LOLER inspection and load test before installation can commence. From here, they will have to undergo an annual LOLER inspection. It’s important to note that annual LOLER inspection isn’t mandatory for residential homes or buildings. However, LOLER inspection is highly recommended. 

What’s LOLER?

The LOLER regulations were instituted to ensure that all lifting operations are safe. This includes how equipment is handled. Any company wishing to use lifting equipment must adhere to these strict regulations. Complying with these regulations falls under the heath and healthy act.

You must properly plan and supervise all the lifting operations. Still more, those in charge of this equipment must be properly trained. The training includes rigorous examinations. Still more, lifting equipment should be marked appropriately. The storage of this equipment should be planned well. You must disinfect all the equipment. That’s not all, the parties involved should report any defect to the relevant authority. In a nutshell, you must design a protocol that regulates the operations of the lifting equipment. These protocols must be approved by the LOLER enforcing body (Health and Safety Executive).

LOLER Inspection

LOLER 2It’s important to note that LOLER inspection is carried out from time to time. However, don’t confuse LOLER inspection with routine maintenance. A component person should undertake LOLER testing during the inspection process.

Why was It Enacted?

Enacted in 1998, LOLER was introduced to replace the Construction and Use regulations. These regulations are aimed at accommodating equipment prone to damages due to conventional load tests.

LOLER Inspection

Carried out annually, LOLER inspections involve rigorous examinations aimed at ensuring the lifespan of any equipment is guaranteed. This process is governed by the Health and Safety Executive. It’s also aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the people handling this equipment.

LOLER Enforcement

LOLER is enforced by the local Health and safety inspector in your areas. Still more, these inspectors have express access to any operations which involve lifting equipment. Remember, if employees die from accidents at the workplace due to faulty lifting equipment, you will liable for prosecution.

Jurisdiction Of LOLER

All lifting equipment must comply with the LOLER regulations. Whether they are used in business premises, private property, or government establishments, these regulations must be met. Your equipment must have the inspection mark (i.e., the Safe Working Load).

Also, lifting equipment designed for lifting people should specify the maximum number of people who can be carried at a time.  After inspection, your equipment should have a report.

How To Plan a Lift

LOLER 4When it comes to lifting operations, you must plan the lifting operations based on the case. Remember, cases aren’t the same. For instance, occasional lifting in industries may require minimal planning. On the other hand, complex tasks require frequent planning.

The Bottom-Line

LOLER regulations can be confusing. In particular, they can confuse equipment handlers. But that shouldn’t scare you. The above brief will help you master these rules and regulations. Read and master them for successful lifting equipment safety.

Fiber Optic Chandeliers

Chandeliers can make your home modern, stylish, and functional. They can accessorize your home—making it a comfortable place to live. Plus, they increase the value of your home. In particular, bringing in fiber optic chandeliers to your interiors can instantly uplift your home. Designed to elevate your home’s interiors, fiber optic chandeliers leverage fiber-optic technology to produce modern, contemporary lighting. These chandeliers form a stunning centerpiece in your home. Here is all you need to know regarding the fiber optic chandelier.

Why Your Sensory Room Needs Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber optic lighting can inject more life into your sensory room. These lights come with several advantages. Here are some of the biggest benefits of using fiber optic lighting in your home.


Fiber optic lighting leverage LEDs to light spaces through very thin plastic-based tubes. The tubes, also known as fiber strands, are made from plastic fibers. Their work is to carry light through the strands.

It’s also important to note that these LED lights tend to cycle via color spectrum—which is why they can emit any color. This means that users can interact with it in a tactile manner. Available in different forms, you won’t miss fiber optic lighting options that suit your explicit needs. For instance, you can go for either a fiber optic chandelier or their lighter counterpart—fiber optic light.

The Incredible Sensory Benefits

Fiber optic chandeliers can have incredible sensory stimulation. Below, you will learn how fiber optic chandeliers can benefit the sensory stimulation of your life.


Fiber optic lighting comes with different strategies. They can be individual or bounced together. Whichever option you choose, this lighting can stimulate the touch aspect of your life.  With these lighting options, you can hold as well as touch the strand around yourself—giving you a stimulating touching touch. These lights can be more calming—especially if you are suffering from anxiety. You can feel the strands individually or when starched together. For instance, you can use a cascading fiber optic chandelier to evoke a calming feeling.


The strands are rusted together—which plays a key role in creating a unique noise.

Sense To See

Fiber optic chandeliers come in different colors. These colors are used to stimulate your senses. This can be the best way to stimulate your sense to see.

Contact Classical Chandeliers

With years of experience in the lighting industry, you can count on contact Classical Chandeliers to design and install the best fiber optic chandeliers in your home. Classy, cost-effective, and highly reliable, these are the chandeliers that your home needs to be trendy. Don’t be left behind. Purchase fiber-optic chandeliers for your home today! Contact us and let your home ooze with class.

The Bottom-Line

Classy. Elegant. Functional. Tease are the things that make fiber optic chandeliers special. Designed to light up high-end spaces using fiber optic technology, these chandeliers can instantly uplift your home. The above article contains everything fiber-optic chandeliers.


Rock Crystal Chandeliers

Murano Chandelier 4.2Rock crystal chandeliers ooze class and sophistication. These chandeliers represent crystals featuring shards of crystals—key elements when it comes to creating beautiful, elegant, as well as current interiors. So, if you are so much into class and sophistication, think rock crystal chandeliers. This guide will take you through all things rock crystal chandeliers—including the benefits.

What Are Rock Crystals?

Rock crystals represent clear crystalline quartz. The word comes from the Greek word krystallos. Over the years, these crystals have been used in the interior design industry—mostly for lighting purposes.

Decorative Rock Crystals

Crystals are used for decorative purposes. In particular, they are used as decorative objects. This includes bowls and even jewelry. Plus, you can polish them to form various shapes. Most people hold crystals in very high esteem—a reason why they are quickly finding their ways into the lighting industry.

Versatility Of Roc Crystals

Rock crystals come with a clear appearance—making them ideal for use in most interior design projects. The best part, rock crystals can be used in traditional and modern settings when it comes to interior design.

Introduction to Chandelier Crystals

crystal 1There are several crystal chandeliers options on the market. This makes it challenging to select a rock crystal chandelier that suits your explicit needs. Luckily, the guide below contains all you should know when shopping around for a good rock crystal chandelier.

The Basics

Crystal chandeliers are actually made of grass. However, it’s important to note that the glass in chandeliers is different from that of glass. The lead oxide in the crystals makes them heavier and more refractive than normal glass. That’s why crystals are more brilliant, sparkling, and prismatic.

The lead oxide gives chandeliers their unique appearance. However, they can also pose serious health issues. Remember, lead is associated with numerous conditions.

Rock crystal chandeliers are designed to reflect light—creating a sparkling look in any space. The transparent aspect of rock crystals makes them ooze with elegance and sophistication. In most cases, they feature massive pieces of elegant jewelry. Handcrafted, these pieces are creatively designed with a high level of precision. Here are some of the biggest features of the rock crystal chandeliers:


Rock crystal chandeliers are handcrafted by the greatest minds in the world. They feature high-quality jewelry. These chandeliers sparkle and can instantly uplift any space.


These chandeliers can serve you for years to come. They are designed to serve customers for more than 5 years. So, if longevity is what you are looking for, think of rock crystal chandeliers.


crystal 2These chandeliers are available in an array of finishes. This means that you won’t miss an option that suits your needs. Plus, you can get a chandelier of the color of your choice. Still more, these chandeliers come in different colors. Thus, you can get a color that suits your home’s explicit style.

The Bottom-Line

The above guide contains everything-rock crystal chandeliers. These chandeliers can instantly uplift your home. Bring them to your interiors and let your home ooze with class.


Murano Chandelier 4.2

Murano Chandelier

Murano Chandelier 1Class. Elegance. Sophistication. These are some of the best things about Murano glass chandeliers. Designed to make homes elegant, these chandeliers are quickly becoming a trend in the interior design industry. Based on ancient Venetian art techniques, Murano glass chandeliers date back thousands of years ago. They were used to show class among the Vatican. So, if you are looking to bring these chandeliers into your interiors, make the move. However, before purchasing Murano glass chandeliers, be sure to get the facts right. This guide is all you need to purchase the right Murano glass chandeliers for your home.

Room to Be Illuminated

Before purchasing Murano glass chandeliers, evaluate your needs. In particular, observe the interiors. Why do you want to install the chandelier? Where are you intending to install the Murano glass chandeliers? Understand why you need the chandelier—it will inform your Murano glass chandeliers buying guide. How many rooms do you have? What’s the size of the rooms? Are there other additional sources of light around the environment? If there are some sources of lights around, there is no harm in going for luxury at the expense of functionality. Also, look at the color of all objects in that space. Choose a chandelier that compliments the color of these objects.

Size of Your Chandeliers

Murano Chandelier 2You should get it right when it comes to the size of the Murano glass chandelier you intend to purchase. So, measure the height, diameter, and width of the chandelier you want to purchase. Choose a chandelier with the right height. Ensure that the height brings maximum effects to your interiors. Normally, stick to a minimum height of 220-230 centimeters. Ideal for high ceilings, Murano glass chandeliers brings the right momentum from the ceilings.

Style and Shape

Murano glass chandeliers come in different styles. From Romanesque, Byzantine, to a metal modern classic, you have a myriad of options to choose from. However, if you have difficulty choosing the right unit, consider consulting an expert. Choose a style that fits into your interior’s explicit needs.

Finishes, Colors, and Materials of your Moreno Chandelier Artwork

Murano Chandelier 3There are several chandelier suppliers online. Some of these online stores supply low-quality Moreno chandeliers. So, don’t fall prey to low-cost chandeliers. They will end up costing you a lot of money. Instead, research more. Go for quality products. Purchase from a reputable company. Read reviews. This should help you partner with the right Murano glass chandelier supplier. Also, request for warranties. Don’t forget to ask for spare parts. Pay close attention to how the electrical system is done. Do the same to the installation system.

The Bottom-Line

Murano Chandelier 4.1Murano glass chandeliers ooze class and sophistication. They signify affluence. That’s why you shouldn’t just go for any Murano glass chandeliers. Choose from the top. Get the best fixtures for your home. The above guide will help you purchase the right Murano glass chandeliers for your home. Bring Moreno chandelier to your home and make the interiors classy and elegant.


Chandelier installation 4.1

Chandelier Installation- Leave It To The Experts

Chandelier installation 4.2Chandeliers are supposed to uplift your home. They are meant to bring class into your interiors. That’s why you should be careful when purchasing and installing chandeliers in your home. Plus, chandeliers aren’t that cheap. Messing up during their installation process can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. So, don’t go it alone. Leave it to the experts. Here is why you should seriously think about professional chandelier installation.

Why Chandeliers?

Quality, class, and sophistication. These are the things you will get from chandeliers. With chandeliers, you can uplift any part of your interiors. From entryways to the living room—bringing chandeliers onboard comes with a lot of benefits. They can add elegance to your interiors. So, what are you waiting for? Install chandeliers in your home and instantly uplift it.

Chandelier Replacement

Professional chandelier installation companies can do chandelier replacement without any issues. Remember, chandeliers are delicate in nature. To replace them, you need an expert with the right skills. Plus, professional chandelier companies are equipped with the resources and tools to replace your chandeliers. Things like chandelier winces help make the installation easy. So, if you want to replace that old chandelier of yours without making costly mistakes, think about hiring a professional chandelier installation company.

New Chandelier Electrical Connection

Chandelier installation 2A chandelier installation expert must have the right electrical installation skills. For instance, he/she will extend the wiring to the location where you want to install your chandeliers. Going it alone can be dangerous. Reminder, electricity can lead to short-circuiting. So, hire an expert and prevent electrical-related hazards in your home.

Install Heavy Chandeliers

Do you have the machines to install heavy chandeliers? Probably, no. Then, why do you want to go it alone? Hire a professional chandelier installation expert and have your heavy chandeliers installed in style. A professional chandelier installation expert has the tools and machines to handle heavy chandelier installation needs.

Repair of Antiques

Chandelier installation 4If you want to repair antiques, think a professional chandelier expert. With the right tools and skills, professional chandelier experts will safely refurbish your chandeliers and repair old ones in the most effective manner.  This will not only optimize results but also elevate your home. Hire a professional chandelier installation expert and instantly uplift your interiors.

Quick Chandelier Installation

Professional chandelier installation companies have the experience to execute the job safely and quickly. Plus, they are licensed to install chandeliers. Thus, you can be sure of professional services. They will install your chandeliers quickly and safely. Don’t go it alone. It can take weeks to install a chandelier. Hire an expert and take your home to the next level.

The Bottom-Line

Chandelier installation 3You have worked hard to purchase those classy chandeliers. Congratulations. But why let installation mess up your effort. Installation can damage your chandeliers.  Hire a professional installer to help you. With an expert, you can be sure of professional chandelier installation. The above are compelling reasons why you should think about hiring a professional chandelier installation company.






Swarovski Crystal 7

Swarovski Crystal: All You Should Know

Swarovski Crystal 1The quality levels of crystals is still unknown. In most cases, high quality is often referred to as crystal clear. While glass trim tends to reflect light, its crystal trim counterpart refracts it. In a solid white based environmental setting, glass is colorless. However, its sister counterpart crystal displays fire as well as brilliance (whether there is a color or not). These classic elements are needed in lighting. On that note, this guide is going to take you through all things crystal lighting—including Swarovski Spectra, Swarovski Strass, and Swarovski Elements.

Strass Crystal

Regarded as the highest quality when it comes to crystal trim, Swarovski Strass is patented when it comes to anti-dust coating. This optical coating makes it easy to clean and maintain Swarovski Strass. According to experts, Swarovski Strass is considered to be a perfect glass surface. It contains more than 30 percent of lead quantities. This machine polishing of the Swarovski Strass leaves no trace, which plays a key role when it comes to creating perfect optic clarity and razor-sharp faceting. This results in unique purity as well as brilliance. Even more, the incorporation of the Strass logo protects buyers from imitations.

Some of the most refined based refractive crystals include:

  • Gem cut and Egyptian
  • Spectra lead crystal

Swarovski Crystal 2These crystals are made with 24 to 30 percent lead oxide. According to experts, lead tends to improve clarity and soften the glass for cutting purposes. Of course, Spectra lead crystal is relatively cheaper than its Strass or Swarovski counterpart. However, it comes with superior prismatic brilliance and sharp faceting. Other great features of the Spectra lead crystal include old visual purity and precise polishing. The manufacturing process of the Spectra Crystal is the same as that of the Strass crystal. The only difference is that it doesn’t have the optical coating.

How to Spot Genuine Swarovski Crystal

When it comes to purchasing Swarovski crystals, authenticity takes center stage. Thus, be sure to purchase a genuine Swarovski crystal. Of course, there are several vendors online who purport to sell original Swarovski crystals. However, not all of them are genuine. Some of them produce and sell counterfeit Swarovski crystal elements. So, source your Swarovski crystal from a reputable brand. Purchase from a brand that has been in this business for long.

Expert Advice

Swarovski Crystal 3When purchasing chandeliers represented as Swarovski crystal, consult an expert to help you authenticate them.

Look At the Laser Logo

Look at the etched trapezoid laser logo that is located inside of the crystal. A genuine vendor will willingly state the quality of the Swarovski Strass. Strass contains 30 percent of lead. Thus, if the vendor simply states that its Swarovski crystal, then this is the Swarovski Spectra brand from the non-lead crystal family. Remember, Strass is more expensive than Spectra. So, check the pricing carefully.

Check the Swarovski Official Tags

Go to the Swarovski official page and establish whether that manufacturer is authorized to use the components of the Swarovski crystals when designing chandeliers.

Request for Samples

Before settling on a particular crystal chandelier, be sure to purchase a sample first. Of course, it might cost a few dollars, but it will give the confidence you need to purchase your crystal chandeliers.


Consider checking the crystal before handing your chandelier. Only accept what you paid for.

The Bottom-Line

Swarovski Crystal 4Crystal lighting makes spaces brilliant. That’ why you should seriously consider crystal lighting options such as Swarovski Spectra, Swarovski Strass, and Swarovski Elements. The above guide is all you need to know regarding crystal lighting.

Chandeliers in Barn Conversions 4

Chandeliers for Bathrooms

Chandeliers for Bathrooms 1Your bathroom’s potential shouldn’t be underestimated. With the right lighting solution, you can transform your lighting into a charming and exciting space. So, don’t neglect your bathroom. Give it the right lighting. In particular, bring in those charming chandeliers to the bathroom. Here are some of the best ideas to guide you to get it right as far as chandeliers in the bathroom are concerned.

Deco Bathroom Sconces

With this style, you have a bathroom idea dominated by Belgium black and complemented with bronze legs. The sinks feature classic brass fittings. Even more, the sconces and ceiling lights are custom-made. The floor is designed using Belgium black marble plus bronze inlay.

Modern Loft Light

This bathroom lighting style features a tub, fittings, as well as tiles that are in black color. The master bath is in white color, making it a modern lighting style you should walk into your bathroom. The lighting fixture features a vintage style.

Farmhouse Bathroom Lights

This long island farmhouse bathroom is equipped with a whitewashed bathroom that comes with executive ceilings lights and nicely painted walls. The walls and windows are painted in gray. If class and sophistication is something you are so much into, then walk this lighting style into your bathroom.

Three-Prong Chandelier

Three-Prong ChandelierWhen it comes to bathroom lighting, the class takes center stage. And that’s what the 3 prong chandelier brings on the table. This bathroom style features a tub and fitting that are nicely done. This type of chandelier can light your bathroom evenly and also help highlight the best feature of this space.

French Chandelier

If you love the French vibe, then invest in the French chandelier for your bathroom. From the fittings, tub, to the sconces, this lighting style is all about sophistication. Even more, the custom designs of the vanity, mirror, as well as marble complements this bathroom lighting style.

Venetian Glass Chandelier

Venetian chandelier is another popular bathroom lighting style you should seriously consider. This style comes with a master bath featuring custom made cabinetry, silver-leafed mirror, and elegant sink fittings. Try the Venetian chandelier and breathe more life into your bathroom.

Mid-Century Chandelier

Chandeliers in Barn Conversions 3The mid-century chandelier is characterized by a dark as well as moody aesthetics borrowed from the classic French style. Here, the master bath is equipped with the 1960s chandelier and an armchair. Even more, the master bath contains the 1950s American table—making it a classic style any homeowner should try. With hand-cut glass-based mosaic tiles inlaid with gold leaf, this style looks set to inject more life into your bathroom. The walls are designed with Italian marble.

Other Bathroom Chandeliers

You can also try these bathroom chandelier styles:

  • Dripping chandelier
  • Spherical chandelier

The big pictureThe Bottom-Line

Bathroom chandeliers are so popular that they have become the optical choice for the interior décor industry. They complement the interior décor of the bathroom. They can make the bathroom space charming and interesting. The above lighting idea will help you get it right with your bathroom chandeliers.

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