Lighting Design for Homes

home lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects when it comes to home designs. It speaks a lot about the overall design and your personal class. Do, if you are thinking about revamping your home, consider incorporating some of the finest designs to uplift your home.
Here is how to go about it. First, choose the right lighting fixtures for each room ,light up the dark areas properly, localize all your lighting source, trust the power of color, light up the dark closet areas, maximize natural light ,add some artificial beauty, know your bulbs, and place your bulbs plus everything in the house wisely.

Outdoor spaces in homes are no longer afterthoughts in any design as well as decor plan. The outdoor sets the stage for the home, creating a hospitable ambiance and providing a comfy space to relax, get together with family and friends, or enjoy a quiet moment after a hectic day.

Lighting up The Night

garden illumination

To equip your outdoor lighting with attractive as well as safety features, light up the sidewalk and other pathways. Plus, energy-efficient indoor in addition to outdoor lighting designs help improve the light quality and efficiency. Thus, if you are planning to construct your home, you should consider lighting as a fundamental part of the whole-home design.

Indoor Lighting Design

interior sitting area

When designing energy-efficient indoor lighting for your home, you should take into consideration some basic design aspects; more light isn’t essentially better; utilize energy-efficient lighting controls and systems, install task lights where necessary, and optimize the use of daylighting. Other effective ways to achieve good indoor lighting is to install light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or fluorescent light fittings for all ceiling as well as wall-mounted fixtures, such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and hallway locations. In portable lighting fixtures, which are operated for 2 hours or more consider using CFLs or LEDs.

Outdoor Lighting Design

outdoor bar

Purpose and efficiency are two factors to consider when designing your outdoor lighting. The light should be able to serve the following three purposes

  • Aesthetics: To create a stunning effect, consider illuminating the house’s exterior area plus the landscape
  • Security: Consider illuminating the ground areas close to the house and driveway for extra security.
  • Utility: Consider illuminating the porch as well as driveway areas so that people can navigate safely around the house
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