Lighting Design

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Lighting is a powerful element when it comes to architectural designs. When done right, it can change the overall appearance and atmosphere of any office or home. So, if you have been looking for ways to uplift your home or office. The Table of Contents above provides some useful resources.

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Classical Chandeliers —At the Core of Distinguished Lighting Design

From rigorous energy-saving lighting systems to the most dramatic architectural expressions, we will propel you to your dream!

With, on average, 45 percent of energy consumption in homes coming from lighting, you’ll hugely benefit from a well-seasoned team of techs with solid experience in seamless lighting design.

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So, why don’t you capitalize on innovative, effective, and cost-effective solutions that will surely match the standard practice? What’s more, we employ innovative lighting controls that beat the current lamp technology.

We can achieve a superior w/sqm to lux power consumption (remember normal levels are 4 to 5W per 100lux)—and we’ll do this without compromising your architecture’s vision or technical requirements.

Customer-Eccentric Lighting Design Solutions

Human factors take a center stage when it comes to our design decisions. As such, we lay our focus on user experiences, making sure that we achieve the correct ambience. Over and over, we liaise closely with commercial and home architects in addition to end-user clients to give then infinite lighting possibilities.

We will assist you in creating exceptional spaces and award-winning environmental settings. Right from the initial planning of projects to the installation of systems, we work closely with users to ensure that we deliver custom lighting designs that match their specific needs.

Your project’s vision, no matter how intricate, can be made a reality by our highly-skilled multi-disciplinary team of specialists. We thrive on offering professional lighting design services and we’ll make sure that you get only the best and within guaranteed timelines!

Premium Services

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Our lighting design services include lighting strategies, lighting concept designs, 3D light modelling, cost feasibility, master-planning, detailed lighting design, architectural integration detailing, lighting control, bespoke luminaire design, concept visualization, and control system programming.

Exceptional Lighting Design

Every space needs sufficient lighting to become visible, and light can only be redirected from spatial boundaries. Your home’s lighting influences the human subconscious, including feelings & decisions. With a reputable partner like CC, lighting can be creatively utilized to produce the best possible effect. Our extensive experience in lighting design means that we can produce customized luminaries that are easily adaptable to fit numerous lighting concepts.

Setting an attractive scene in your space heightens its appeal and emphasizes the existing design elements. This effect is only achievable if space & lighting fixtures are artistically tailored to each other. Lighting attracts visitors and guides them profoundly through a seductive space.

Lighting Design that is characterized by Flexible Luminaires

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A lighting design which integrates changes & configurations blends visually into any space and provides a perfect atmosphere both in homes and commercial buildings. Artistically designed luminaries offer optimal functionality and efficiency in terms of lighting. That’s where CC comes in. We’re experts at designing high-tech luminaries that will quench your lighting design thirst.

CC stands for bespoke lighting systems with an exclusive lighting effect, precisely sophisticated mechanisms, as well as extreme ease of a nutshell, our lighting designs are without compromise!

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