Meridian Grand

Meridian Grand

The Refit

Meridian Grand is, as the name states, a building full of rooms that exude grandeur and elegance for the purpose of different occasions, events and weddings. Situated in North London, it is in a central location and an ideal place for events to be held. There are many luxurious rooms which have mood lighting to create an ambience and to suit personal preference. Events are regularly held at Meridian Grand because of the attraction of the beautiful interior and atmosphere that is created alongside it. Coloured lighting helps create a mood and ambience (shown pictured) this was actually done by our sister company Saving-Light-Bulbs.


Here at Classical Chandeliers, we had the pleasure of supplying and installing some of the lighting throughout the Meridian Grand. The entire building was having a refit and alongside the refit, they wanted lighting to match the new look. The customer knew exactly what they wanted and already had their own design in mind; we were given the exact size, shape and design to adhere to.


The main attraction is the waterfall chandelier hanging in the entrance hall of the Meridian Grand. This is undeniably an absolutely stunning chandelier which is Swarovski spectra and is a waterfall curtain of sparkling crystals.

During the refit, the customer was planning on having an oval coffer in the ceiling and that the waterfall would be the focal point of that. With the customer already knowing what they wanted in mind, all that was needed to be done was to ensure that the shape of the waterfall matched and mirrored the shape of the coffer. The chandelier was exactly to the customer’s specification, oval in shape, matching their desired size and design and gently going down in the middle of the foyer and stairway.

Throughout the rest of the building, we also supplied 6 basket chandeliers in the main rooms. Again, the customer already knew exactly what they wanted, everything including the size, shape and design. The basket chandeliers compliment the design of the rest of the building perfectly because they are made up of crystals so have a constant sparkle, they are very impressionable. We also supplied matching wall lights to add sparkle to the room and tie in the interior together beautifully, the gold finish too also adds a sense of grandeur and elegance.


It was a pleasure to be involved in creating ambience and elegance to this already beautiful atmospheric building. The waterfall chandelier creates so much beauty by itself that we have been told, since putting it up, people have come in after seeing it from the road outside to get a better look at it!

All of the lights we supplied have been installed with winches, we can’t stress how important winches are to fixtures because it makes it so much easier to clean, change bulbs and for any maintenance upkeep. For any further information regarding winches, installations or chandeliers in general, please get in touch.

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