Stairwell Chandelier on iLight Lighting Control

Case study- Stairwell Chandelier- Executive Home Case Study


We have executed more than 200 projects since we opened our doors to the public. Among them is the Stairwell Chandelier- Executive Home, which went on to be a benchmark in this industry. We integrate numerous elements into a single cohesive, functional deliverable that’s simple and easy to use. Moreover, our installations are done in such a way that they can give room for the incorporation of new technologies.

As a leading architectural lighting control specialist, we offer a complete set of lighting source controllers for an automated system. With iLights controllers & interfaces, clients can control multiple light sources including Fluorescent, Light Emitting Diodes (LED), Tungsten Halogen as well as Incandescent light from a single unit. Bonus, the system saves space and cost, roughly by about 25% when compared to conventional light control systems.

The best side: This control system is practically complemented by push & touch-screen interfaces that can be controlled by wall-mounted or freestanding systems.

Background information

The right lighting is a vital element of any operational design. However, making sure that the lighting setting is designed and installed correctly & consistently can be complex. But with iLight Controllers, you’ll be in a position to easily craft architectural, mood lighting, and task lighting to cater for different environmental settings and scene.

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Challenge: Stairwell Chandelier- Executive Home

We were approached by one of our long-term clients, a residential developer who spends most of his time away from home. Her wish was that we install finer elements of home lighting automation, iLight Controllers, and audio-visual systems, which would help her control the entire lighting system whenever she wasn’t around.

Stairwell Chandelier_middle

Additionally, she needed all the pre-installed systems to perfectly complement her apartment’s interior design. All these needed a control system that would allow her to control everything from anywhere in her residential apartment.

Action: iLight lighting control system for a 7.2 m tall chandeliers

Stairwell Chandelier_middle

We evaluated and considered her needs. And we settled an iLight lighting control system to control her 7.2 m tall chandeliers. Additionally, such a centralized control system would perfectly set lighting scenes for space. So, we sent out our engineers to install this chandelier and lighting control system.

To ensure that she got exactly what she needed every time, each iLight unit was tailor-made to her specifications, ensuring she got precisely the unit she needed.

Stairwell Chandelier_middle

We designed a closed WI-FI network covering all sections of her apartment to make sure that she could access & control all the system’s elements from anywhere in her residence. What this meant is that she could control elements even while in the lift.

Understanding the light control System

The Modern iLight lighting control system can transform your room by allowing you to set a scene, light level, and create a mood with just a button from a touchscreen/control panel.

We set the light levels of the rooms at 7.2m to suit her room application. The cinema scene was set to dim all chandelier lighting down to 10 percent. We also scene-dimmed the ceiling lights together with the wall lights to about 10% leaving all the chandeliers above the dining tables to 50%. We programmed these scenes into her home & each room was individually and perfectly set to suit her needs. Since these systems are universally networked, the main touchscreen could control the entire lighting system. So, if the user is in a rush and, by mistake, forgets to turn off the chandeliers on the upper floor, she can simply press the “Whole House Off” button located on the touchscreen to turn off all the lightings except for the welcome ones on the driveway.

Results: Were amazing

Our system exuded a lot of functionality as well as ‘wow factor’ elements featuring ‘barely there’ looks. Our client was simply amazed.

In her own words, she said, “Classical Chandeliers guys are very creative. In fact, they really surpassed my expectations by thinking outside the box. I can control my lighting systems wherever I am; thanks to the iLight control system that is completely automated and easy-to-use. The approach was wonderful and I am

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