The Use of Colour

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Organizing your employees’ work environment based on color is likely to help organize their thoughts and make them more colorful. Color boosts happiness, breeds productivity, and enhances creativity. This, if you have been thinking about boosting the productivity of your employees, then color is the way to go.

Lighting doesn’t just involve the illumination of spaces. It is about incorporating lighting that enhances the whole home and uplifts the overall mood. And the only way you can achieve these key aspects is by selecting the right lighting positions as well as the right color mixes. Making Patterns While most people view light as a means of illuminating spaces, it is also possible to create vivid designs featuring appealing colors and make things look more appealing. And, using sconces and frames is the surest way if getting more out of your bulbs since they create lines and shapes. Install them along your perimeter wall, house, and canvas. The trick here is to try, as much as possible, to find a lighting pattern that compliments the overall aesthetic your house. This way, the pattern will become a powerful focal point for that exterior space of yours. Coloured Lights Even though LED bulbs produce generally white light, you can still find an array of striking colors as well. And if you have been looking for a way to create a dynamic as well as inviting space, why not try green, blue, orange, or even red. The idea here is to try marking different sections of the exterior with specific colors. For instance, let color blue outline your pool and backyard pond to enhance the calming effect of water. On the other hand, green LEDs should be used to highlight natural elements while red lights are used to create moody atmospheres for the front porch and back patio areas. Red Color in a Nut Shell Red is stimulating, bravery, exciting and attention-grabbing. Red is also used to symbolize excitement, speed, dynamic and fast action. Others use color to symbolize heat, eroticism, lust, strength, and dream careers. Red is loved by half of the globe—making it the second most favorite color in the world. It defines emotions and moods. It represents love, passion, desire, as well as seduction. Blue Fun Fact BLUE, the most favorite and safest color in the world, represents calmness, tranquility, stability, and confidence. So, if these are the features you want your home to exude, get blue lights. Your bond and swimming pool need them. It creates more calming effects plus a feeling of freedom. Green Green is regarded as a nature color. It creates freshness fertility as well as growth. It creates compassion, nurturing, in addition to sympathy. So, if this is your color, why not walk it into your lighting schemes.

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Colour and Emotions

Color is a powerful way of conveying emotions—which is a key factor in the psychology of an individual. Though the way people react to colors is unique, 3 psychological factors are used to define these responses. They include:

  • Aesthetics: how appealing is a particular color?
  • Emotion: How does a particular color make you feel?
  • Cultural aspect: What is the cultural meaning of a particular color? For instance, red signifies danger, love, or even warmth.

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