Wimbledon Winch Installation

Wimbledon Winch Installation

We recently installed a winch in a home in Wimbledon; the chandelier was hung beneath an octagonal sky light over a stairwell which extended over 3 storeys. Changing light bulbs, cleaning and any general maintenance became extremely difficult due to the inaccessibility of the fixture. The customer approached us with the intention of getting a winch installed and if they hadn’t asked for one, we would’ve strongly recommended one anyway after seeing their situation!

Due to the chandelier being hung under a sky light, this meant that we couldn’t install a winch above in the ceiling, unlike in many other situations. So in this case we installed the Aladdin Remote Mount winch which allowed us to actually put the motor unit in a separate room. Putting winches in the ceiling above a chandelier, isn’t always possible or even an option because the space above can be too small. In these cases, the Aladdin Remote Mount winch is perfect; you still get all of the benefits of a winch without having the bulk above the ceiling.


Complex wiring in the ceiling allows both the winch and pulley to be properly installed. The pulley can extend slightly above the fixture, but this isn’t a problem at all to conceal. In this specific case, the whole fixture is actually hung from a bar which is directly under the sky light so we installed the pulley above this bar.

Admittedly, aesthetically with the pulley above the bar, it doesn’t look particularly great (as you can see from the picture!), so we made and installed a stainless steel polished shroud to improve the look of the bar; stainless steel polished because it matched the colouring and finish of the chandelier that was going to be hung on it.


The shroud worked really well, and complimented the colouring of the fixture perfectly; the house in Wimbledon now has their beautiful fixture which functions better than it did before, is more easily accessible than it was before and matches the rest of the interior design perfectly! Where possible, we will always match the colour of the fixture to any added work we do to ensure consistency.

We offer a range of different services at Classical Chandeliers, one of these is installations. We are often in situations where customers require further assistance when it comes to installing their chandelier and we are always happy to help! Even if it’s just for advice, please always give us a call and we will help in any way we can.

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