Our new showroom is now open so please come and visit.
We have introduced some new modern lighting ranges to complement our traditional chandeliers.

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Originally we specialised in traditional chandeliers but we have now introduced new exiting modern collections from Ilfari, Illuminati and Jonathan Coles. These designs, whilst being contemporary and suited to modern homes, also have a timeless beauty. We also specialise in fine Bohemian chandeliers from the Czech Republic. This region has been renowned for the manufacture of fine glassware and chandeliers from 1724 and through history Bohemian chandeliers have ornamented many palaces and fine buildings. Bohemian crystal chandeliers illuminate fine homes, palaces and buildings of distinction throughout the world and represent the pinnacle in style and art. We work with a small number of prestigious manufacturers who are considered by experts to be the best in the world and through this can bring exclusive lighting to your home or project at an affordable price.

Our new showroom is opening on 6th October 2023 so come and visit at The Bull Inn, Main A31, Bentley. GU105JH.
Please call first to advise of your visit.

New Modern Ranges Intoduced

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Restoration and Cleaning Services

We offer all forms of chandelier cleaning, installation restoration and packing services. Please take a look at cleaning and re-wiring for examples of our work and more details.

Chandelier Hire

Should you need a chandelier for a special occasion like a wedding, photo shoot or other event then please get in touch as we have a wide range available for hire.

Chandlelier Winches and Instalation

We offer one of the widest range of chandelier winches with units for small homes right up to large commerical winches lifting over 600kg. Here we provide a complete advisory and installation service so please get in touch.

Our Customer Portfolio:

We have supplied fine lighting and provided chandelier cleaning and restoration services to a wide range of clients including, the Cabinet Office 70 Whitehall, the Royal Enclosure at Ascot, Sherlock Holmes 2, the Dark Shadows Johnny Depp film, Mission Impossible but also numerous fine homes together with commercial properties. Please take a look at our customer portfolio for more details. However we also supply many small chandeliers for peoples' homes who just want a touch of style and glamour.

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Chandeliers are perfect when homeowners and interior designers are looking for a touch of class, of elegance to round off a specific look. Our selection of chandeliers for sale ensures that every customer and client can feel assured that we are able to offer them the chandelier lighting they require to create the ambience that reminds of sophistication and style, in addition to serving their first practical purpose, which is to offer lighting. Our variety here at Classical Chandeliers offers a great choice for all, regardless of whether your living room or other space where the chandelier is installed is modern or more in keeping with a traditional style. We do offer a great many choices of chandelier lights to meet varied tastes, requirements and demands. As a leading UK chandelier supplier we are in a position to offer customers and clients several stylish choices. Our traditional chandeliers are popular over a wide front, but then so are the modern and trending choices we stock. Our selection is varied so that all properties can benefit from these, whether you live in an Edwardian, a Victorian, or even older home. The same applies to the new build property, as our modern lights are contemporary and chosen by leading designers. They look good in every room where they are placed to add a special touch to the finishes and overall ambience you want to create with our choice of chandelier lighting. Our vast selection of modern lighting is offered in a varielty of finishes to ensure every client finds a choice of lighting for sale to complement the interior it is meant for, to brighten up the room and lend it the sophistication and elegance the owner expects from a modern light bought from a leading UK lighting supplier.

The Classical Chandeliers Guarantee :

Through dealing with us we guarantee to supply you with fabulous products made with fine materials authentically made by skilled craftsmen. We recognise that internet purchases can be difficult and accordingly you are welcome to return your product if it is not to your liking. Please see Terms and Conditions for details. We have minimal overheads and accordingly can generally offer the highest quality products lower than normal high street prices but will always back this up with excellent customer service.


Should you have any questions regarding our chandelier lighting or glassware products or would like some advise please get in touch.
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