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Glass arms

Some fabulous ranges of chandeliers with glass arms. These are almost exclusively crystal chandeliers with the majority of the crystal being the high grade Bohemian crystal which has a lead content between 24% and 30%. Some of the more exclusive models have Swarovski crystals which are the best in the world and come in 2 types Swarovski Spectra and Swarovski Elements. They both exhibit excellent clarity and reflection characteristics with the Elements range being the most exclusive.

The category segmentation is by number of arms for the clear crystal chandelier models as this provides a good initial correlation to size. The design your own category does allow personalisation of your own crystal chandelier with a choice of crystal and dish types.

The coloured trimmings category have clear arms and dishes with a spectrum of colour choices for the crystal trimmings. In contrast the colour line category has dishes and central parts with magnificent colour bands and features to bring some real glamour into any space. With both these ranges be sure to match the colour choices to your interior design choices to ensure the colour choices complement well and meet current fashion trends.

The enamel glass crystal chandeliers are produced using a high temperature enamel coating and provide vibrant and distinctive colouring the e dishes and central parts of the decorative lights.

The vine chandeliers are decorated with crystal grapes of differing colours and bring some interesting design angles to any space. The concept of grapes brings back the thoughts of Egyptian palaces and famous Emperors so this association can bring some class into the interior design.

We do recognize that with the wide range of crystal chandeliers available then the process of choice can be quite daunting so if you would like any lighting design advise please get in touch.

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