Chandelier Lighting Plate Hooks

Here, we have an extensive collection of light plate hooks for hanging light fixtures like chandeliers. Our high load plate hooks are crafted by using highly polished stainless steel, which makes them a much more favorable option for your stylish chandeliers.

There’s no doubt that chandeliers are the most striking light fixtures you can have for your home decor, but in order to let them stay there for years on your ceiling, you need something that can provide enough support to them. And for this there is only one thing you need and that’s our extra strong lighting plate hooks. Now, if you ask us why you should only go for Classical Chandeliers lighting hooks, then we can give you a number of reasons. The first one of them is that our plate hooks are all individually load tested to provide confidence that your chandelier will not fall to the floor, assuming that the maximum load limit is adhered to. This implies that hang your luxurious light fixtures on our hooks without any worries.

Just have a look at our wide range of lighting plate hooks, which comes with excellent finishing and high quality material. You can find the right match for your light fixture in our exclusive range and hang your chandeliers in style.

Select, order and enjoy a beautiful decor at your home with our products, buy now!!!

For advice on how to hang a chandelier you can check out this blog post.

Chandelier Ceiling Light Hook

Classical Chandeliers provide robust ceiling light hooks that have been designed to support the weight of chandeliers with reliability. Our ceiling light hooks are created from high-quality stainless steel, that ensure durability and safety for both residential and commercial settings. These hooks are an essential accessory when looking to install a chandelier securely, providing peace of mind that your lighting fixture will remain safely in place. The ceiling hook range that we supply is also suitable for ceiling roses and can work with a number of hanging swagged pendants, hanging lampshades and pedant bulbs. Ideal for both new installations and replacements, our hooks also blend seamlessly into any decor while providing practical benefits for your chandelier.

So whatever you're looking for when it comes to needing a 'ceiling light hook', from a ceiling hook to fit into a ceiling rose, authentic period ceiling hooks or utilitarian hooks, we can provide you with a number of options including modern hooks as well as a strong and timeless solution. Make sure that you check out our selection of ceiling light hooks suitable for all types of chandeliers and lighting installation at Classical Chandeliers.

Ceiling Hooks for Chandeliers

For those who need a reliable solution to hang chandeliers, our ceiling light hooks provide both strength and style. Each hook has been specifically designed to handle the substantial weight of chandeliers and comes with genuine industrial strength components, ensuring a secure installation. Available in various finishes, these hooks will not only provide practical support but also contribute to the aesthetic of your lighting setup, maybe you require a hollow hook for pendant bulbs, a solid brass ceiling hook, or small hooks for smaller fittings, we have got you covered. We can even provide hooks to support some of the heaviest shades and biggest chandeliers, our options are perfect for both ornamental and functional purposes in any space. So when it comes to super high quality items and a low cost solution that has been manufactured to the highest standards, make sure you check out Classical Chandeliers for ceiling hooks. For more information get in touch .

Product Image Item Name- Price
Chandelier Plate Hook 6mm

Chandelier Plate Hook 6mm

Load rated Chandelier plate hook made from stainless steel grade AISI 316 for hanging chandeliers. Plate diameter 40mm with a 6 mm diameter hook...

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Chandelier Plate Hook 8mm

Chandelier Plate Hook 8mm

Chandelier plate hook with a high load rating for hanging medium to large chandeliers. Plate hook made from stainless steel grade AISI 316. 50mm...

... more info

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