Wall Lights

A selection of Bohemian crystal wall lights either of a traditional, basket or waterfall design. These chandelier wall lights or crystal wall sconces are available in various sizes with traditional crystal ornamentation and high enameled colour finishes. Crystal Wall lights and sconces can be an excellent interior design choice where ceiling height is restricted or where a very spacious ambiance is needed. Alternatively they can be selected to complement other lighting. In this case crystal wall lights can normally be matched with chandeliers in metal finish colour, design and crystal type so please ask for details.

Wall lights can be very bland and featureless and it is often only the ornate sconces that give a wall light character. However, wall lights do not have to be this way because by introducing an array or crystal trimmings a wall light can be transformed into a splendid ornamental lighting accessory. A crystal wall light can have a traditional brass frame or fine glass arms and the crystal trimmings will reflect light displaying a spectrum of colours from the rainbow, bringing true elegance and beauty to an interior space. The integration of crystal wall lights in your interior design theme can produce some very intricate lighting effects which can increase the apparent size of a space by using a smaller central pendant light and a surrounding array of crystal wall lights.

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