Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) people have regarding chandeliers, their purchase and some factors people consider during selection and purchase..

  • Bulb types and sizes:- Bulbs generally come in 4 standard types:-
    E14:- Often know as the SES this cap fitting is a small screw of diameter 14mm which is very popular for chandeliers..
    E27:- This is also know as the ES or large Edison screw cap fitting which has a diameter of about 27mm and originated from Europe.
    B15:- Also know as the SBC or small bayonet cap fitting which is popular for old UK chandeliers. The diameter is approximately 15mm.
    B22:- Also know as the large bayonet or BC cap fitting this is the most widely used fitting for standard light bulbs in the UK. The diameter is approximately 22mm.
    The recommended maximum wattage is given in the chandelier specification. Any wattage up to this level can be selected or you may choose to use a light dimmer for a chandelier with a multitude of bulbs. If light saving bulbs are used then the wattage used will typically be far less to give the same overall level of illumination.
  • What size Chandelier should I choose? There is no simple answer to this and it is largely a question of personal preference. As a guide you can add the width of your room in feet to the length and this will give you a starting size for the preferred diameter. For example if your room is 12 foot long and 15 foot wide then this would give a starting diameter of 27inches. However, there are some important considerations:-
    1. Check that the height of chandelier is appropriate for your ceiling height. You need a minimum of 2m (80inches) clearance from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier. You don't want to be knocking your head on it every time you walk under it! The other optical fact is that when you have the chandelier higher it will look smaller so you can add 4-8 inches on to the diameter.
    2. If the chandelier is placed above a dining table it is good to have it lower. As a guide a distance between the table top and chandelier should be 80-100cm (30-39 inches). As a size guide if you are hanging a chandelier over a dining table then as a guide it would typically be of a diameter of half the table width or 2 feet narrower than the table width. Clearly you need to take into account the overall room size using the above formula but this should serve as a starting point. Positioning the chandelier in this position produces a marvellous centre piece for the room and allows you to select a chandelier of greater height.
  • How do I clean my Chandelier? In general a gentle dust will keep your chandelier sparkling for a year or two. Clearly the time will be dependent on the environment but you may wish to give your chandelier a total clean to restore it to its original glory. Firstly draw a diagram of where all the parts go and then and then carefully take the crystal drops off. They then can be simply cleaned in a bowl with a mild detergent and they will soon be sparkling and showing their full crystal beauty.
  • Why does crystal sparkle more than glass? This is due to the lead (PbO) content and the higher the lead content the greater the sparkle. The highest lead content is the premium grade of 30%. For more information see our section 'Crystal Explained'.
  • How long will my chandelier last? A quality Chandelier will last for years and generally be handed down through family generations. For this reason the purchase of a quality Chandelier is generally considered as money well spent.
  • Should I light the room with 1, 2 or more chandeliers? Generally if the room is of a standard rectangular shape then it is best to select one central Chandelier. If the room is more of a banquet style where the length dimension is twice or more times the width then it is good to pick a matching pair of chandeliers. For a hallway select a row of very small identical chandeliers and this will give a very desirable aesthetic effect. For tight little spaces or on suite bathrooms hang a small specimen chandelier and the effect will be dazzling. Another proven design is to hang a series of tiny chandeliers over a kitchen island. If the ceiling is low then crystal ceiling lights produce a great effect and will make the room look larger.
  • Will I find these Chandeliers elsewhere? A large number of our products are unique in the UK market and consequently will only be found with Classical Chandeliers customers. If you would like to know which ones just ask.
  • Can I have design modifications? We can offer a more bespoke design service where we take a chosen chandelier theme and can make design modifications to meet your individual needs. This can be a base service like matching wall lights to a particular chandelier, changing a metal finish from that advertised on the website or altering the ceiling attachment arrangement to accommodate for low ceilings. At the other extreme we work with designers to make more radical design and colour changes to chandeliers meeting specific clients requirements. So if you have a particular need and require some specialist service just ask.
  • What metal finishes are available? The majority of our chandeliers are available with metalwork either in a high temperature lacquered gold finish, nickel plate which is a silver finish, or an antique gold/ patina finish. If these options are not offered on the website please contact us to check availability
  • Are there different types of candle tubes? All the products can be supplied with either glass, gold finish or silver finish candle tubes. Please contact us for details.
  • Does the height of the Chandelier on the website include the chain?It the the chandelier has a chain then the height on the website is without the chain. You need to add around 18cm minimum for the canopy rod and a single chain link to calculate an overall minimum height for the chandelier. It the chandelier is not fitted with chain but is mounted directly to the ceiling or hange from a rod then the height is the total height
  • I want a traditional chandelier but my ceilings are low what do I do?Contact us about having your chandelier made up with a "Direct Ceiling Mount". This means that the chandelier is made so it will fit without the chain and the overall drop from the ceiling will be approximately the height measurement shown on the website.
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