Installations, Winches & LOLER

We offer a number of services for the installation of chandeliers, winch systems and the LOLER certification which is necessary for commercial installations

Chandelier Installations

We have considerable expertise in chandelier installation from the smallest for residential properties to large complex installations in high spaces. We have a range of our own access equipment with size different towers , specialist ladders and platform to allow us to undertake the vast majority of installations without the need to hire equipment. This equipment is especially useful for stairwell chandeliers or very high ceilings. Additionally, our engineering skills allow us to analyse the chandelier ceiling mountings to ensure that they are fit for purpose. This combined with a unique knowledge of chandelier assemble allows us to assemble chandeliers far quicker than the majority of competent electricians. If you have a requirement for installation then please get in touch for a quotation.

Chandelier Load Testing

It is critical that chandeliers do not fall from the ceiling as this is extremely dangerous and costly. In some cases, chandeliers have been mounted to ceilings many years ago and during this period the ceiling has deteriorated and there is risk of the chandeliers dropping. We provide a service where we drop the chandeliers, support on frames and then can load test the chandelier mounting to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

Winch Installations

In a number of situations then chandelier winches are invaluable to raise and lower the chandeliers. This means maintenance can be easily performed, lamps changed and the chandeliers cleaned with ease and without the need to hire expensive access equipment. We have a full range of winch systems available , some of which are on the website, to raise and lower a wide range of fittings in different architectural spaces. Our knowledge of winch systems allow us to design a system to meet specific needs that will be efficient and cost effective. we then offer a full installation service to install the systems and connect up the chandeliers to ensure smooth and safe operation.

LOLER Inspections and Load Testing

Winch systems are governed by the LOLER- Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 by the Health and Safety Executive. These regulations are in place to ensure that winch systems are safe to use, accidents do not occur and are a mandatory requirement for commercial installations. The process involves having a full LOLER inspection and load test on installation and then a less complex annual inspection to ensure that the winch system has been correctly installed all critical parts are in good working order. These inspections need to have a full reported and referencing to ensure the correct documentary evidence is in place. We have expensive engineering expertise and can undertake both LOLER full inspections and the annual inspections.

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