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Grand Designs Live Exhibition


Earlier this month, Classical Chandeliers and Saving Light Bulbs spent the week at the Grand Designs Live Exhibition at London ExCel where we displayed some beautiful chandeliers as well as some contemporary light fixtures.

Grand Designs Live is a 10 day long exhibition where many different companies come together to show what their companies sell and to advertise any new and innovative products that may not have been seen previously. They are not just companies who specify in lighting, but in any form of home improvement. During the week our stand was opposite companies who sold tyres and a floating bed!

There is also a chance to listen to talks from experts, naming Kevin McCloud who presents the TV program Grand Designs. The exhibition is a great opportunity to become more informed on anything to do with the home and get invaluable information you hadn’t previously thought you’d need!

The exhibition offers help and information on interiors, technology, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens and build. There is literally everything and anything you could think of to do with home improvement all in one place!

It was so great to meet so many people during the time of the exhibition who were interested in Interior Design, looking to see what else is on the market, or simply just getting ideas.

It really is an inspirational event on a grand scale!

We noticed that when it came down to knowing what the ideal chandelier size for a room would be, many people were unsure of how this is calculated let alone aware of the importance of knowing the size! So we have created the perfect guidelines for you to follow in order for you to get the best fitting chandelier for your room! (

And if you are still unsure or have any other questions we are also always available and happy to help with any problems or queries you might have! So please do get in contact!

The show was such a great success! We had some beautiful fixtures on show at our stand! All of which are available on our website!

The favourites were: –


Our lamp lady! She was photographed so often we’re surprised she isn’t famous yet!

She is beautiful, covered in mosaic and many commented seeing they had never seen anything like her. Standing at 185cm high still will add glamour to any space!

She is currently still available on our website for those that are interested!



The Nautical Search Light

This was so popular during the show that we sold all of our stock within the first few days! However no need to worry because there are more on its way!

Mounted on an adjustable tripod, it is different, quirky and is a perfect additional light to any room.


Clear Inversion

Simple, elegant and versatile. There isn’t anywhere these lights wouldn’t go!

The adjustable height makes it even more appealing to many customers. You can almost redesign it yourself!

All of these items are still available on the website plus many more; we will undoubtedly have something for your room size, style and design!

These items are also available in our showroom to view if you didn’t get to see them at the exhibition first hand or if you want to see them again! Our showroom also offers approximately 40 other light fixtures of different shapes and styles for you to view and get further ideas for home improvement.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!

How to choose the correct size Chandelier

There are many decisions involved in choosing your perfect chandelier! A chandelier is the visual focal point of any room. This article is aimed to help make some of those decisions easier but initially focusing on the fundamental question “How to choose the correct size Chandelier”.

Firstly, you need to know the size of the room. This is because the size of the chandelier depends on the size of the room.

This is so that we avoid situations like this –

If the chandelier is too small:


If the chandelier is too big:


Once you know the size of the room, to calculate the diameter of a light fixture you add the length and the width of the room together in ft in order to get the diameter in inches.

Correct size chandelier:


e.g 4ft + 5ft = 9” in diameter.

And what about the ceiling height? The ceiling height is also taken into consideration to ensure you get the perfect sized chandelier.

A standard ceiling height is 8ft. For this, the chandelier will ideally need to have a height of 20-24 inches.

One general rule for ceilings is that you multiply the ceiling height (ft) by 2.5-3 inches to get the perfect height of the chandelier.

Using this rule as a guideline, for a ceiling height of 9ft, the height of the chandlier should be between 22.5 and 27 inches.

More than 1 Light Fixture:

Some rooms can already have more than one light fixture, this isn’t a problem! You should probably go for 2 similar chandeliers. To calculate the diameter for a room that has 2 light fixtures, you simply half the length of the room and then use the same process.

E.g. for a room of 18ft by 20ft, you would half that to 2 rooms of 18ft by 10ft.
So the diameter for 2 chandeliers would be 28”.

For Dining Rooms:

A table is the focal point of a Dining Room, so the desired effect of a light fixture would be to compliment the table. To do this, a chandelier is usually expected to be ½ or 2/3 of the size of the table.

For an average dining table (80 cm high), the height of the light fixture should be between 3-4 ft above the table. It is obviously important for you to be able to see the other person across the table from you!

For Staircases/Hallways:

In staircases and hallways the guidelines aren’t as relevant because in both of these two situations the chandelier will be the main focus.

For calculating the diameter however, the guidelines could be helpful but aren’t as strict.

The chandelier can set the tone for the rest of the house so the aesthetics of the chandelier are important when in these two places. You should make sure the colour scheme matches the rest of the house as well as the style of the chandelier (for example shouldn’t have a classical chandelier in a contemporary house).

When it comes to staircases, if there is a walkway under the staircase the chandelier should be 7ft from the ground. In any other case, the chandelier can be as close to the ground as you want.

As a room, the hallway doesn’t have much of a purpose, so the light fixture in this room has the potential to be as extravagant as you might like. The lighting in the hallway would be an introduction to the house and would ultimately set the tone.

Some of the variety of Stairwell Chandeliers we sell can be available to view if you follow the link.

We hope this helps you with your Chandelier choosing!